Music list

Musics(especially Dubsteps) I used to listen at work

Best Melodic Dubstep Mix 2014
2014 Summer ~ 2015 Spring
When I was in Pohang, working on SIGMOD’16

Krewella – Come and get it (Razihel Remix)
2015 Jan ~ (~Summer~)

Tobu – Colors
2015 Summer
When I was in Daegu

Undertale – Megalovania
Preparation for SIGMOD 2016 Revision
2016 Feb ~ Mar

2016 Summer ~ Fall
Prepration for PLDI’17 submission

“Coming Home” Wonderful Melodic Dubstep Mix
(Maybe 2016 Summer?) ~ Now
Working on PLDI’17 submission + Homeworks

Epic Chillstep Collection 2015
(Maybe 2016 Summer?) ~ Now
When studying English + doing other things

TheFatRat Mix
2016 Summer ~ 2017 Feb
Working on PLDI’17 submission + studying English

TheFatRat – The Calling
2017 Jan ~ Now


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